How Do You Find Musicians for Your Band?


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Find musicians for a band by asking around the local music scene, posting advertisements in places musicians gather and posting on websites such as Craigslist and BandFinder.com. These steps can help bandleaders form a new band or add members to an existing band.

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Simply being a part of a local music scene and asking around is one of the most common ways bands connect with musicians. By interacting with the music community at live shows, local independent radio stations, bars and venues, musicians can easily connect with one another. Try asking friends and acquaintances about who’s seeking a new band or interested in playing more regularly.

Placing advertisements for a band is another common tactic to find new members. Record stores, instrument shops, recording studios and practice spaces are all common places musicians congregate, and many have bulletins boards where bands can place fliers seeking new members. Be sure to indicate specific details on the flier, such as what type of music the band plays, desired practice schedule, transportation issues and gigging or touring aspirations.

The Internet also makes it simple for bands to find other members. Websites such as BandFinder.com allow both individual musicians and bands to create profiles detailing what they are looking for in other collaborators. Craiglist also allows bands to post wanted ads or individual musicians to advertise their skills.

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