How Much Are Lee Child Novels?

Lee Child novels retail for $9.99 each in mass-market paperback, Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble NOOK Book formats, as of September 2015. Child's newest novel, "Make Me," his first in hardcover, has a retail price of $28.99. Its Kindle and NOOK Book price is $14.99.

Both and discount book prices. Different titles have different discount prices. "Killing Floor," the first novel in the Jack Reacher series, sells for $7.94, while "The Enemy" sells for $6.40 on The same books are discounted to $8.05 and $6.49 respectively on The two booksellers both charge $17.39 to purchase "Make Me" online.

Lee Child's novels feature Jack Reacher, an ex-military cop who lives as a homeless wanderer by choice, solving mysteries and coming down hard on the bad guys. Bestselling horror author Stephen King calls Reacher "the coolest continuing series character," according to