What Is MovieTube 4.1?

MovieTube 4.1 is a search engine app designed to collect and sort full-length, high-quality YouTube movies. The selections are divided into 23 genres with a total number of 55,000 titles. As of 2014, the search list includes movies that are authorized to play in one or more countries and were produced between 1985 and 2014.

MovieTube has a user community of 16 million people from 200 countries. Other featured languages besides English include Arabic, Thai, Malay and Cantonese. An Android 2.1 phone or higher with at least 2.74 megabytes available is required to run MovieTube. The app is also available for Windows and Mac operating systems and can be download for free at 1Mobile.com, MoboGenie.com, Aazee.com and GetAndroidApp.org.

Once downloaded, users open the app and select their country and preferred language. Search options are then provided. Once the movie or show is selected, viewing can begin immediately. Users can also keep a list of favorites for later viewing.

The app locates movies in 18 languages, including English, Hindi, Japanese and Russian. In addition to movies, MovieTube users can watch sports and music videos. Care should be taken to ensure copyright laws are not violated while watching movies. The app is intended for content legally approved for viewing on YouTube or other free viewing platforms.