What Movies Use Shaolin Kung Fu?


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Movies that use Shaolin Kung Fu are "War of the Shaolin Temple," "The Shaolin Temple," "The 36th Chamber of Shaolin," "Five Masters of Death" and "Shaolin Soccer." The martial art is known for its physical artistry.

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What Movies Use Shaolin Kung Fu?
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"War of the Shaolin Temple" was released in 1980. In the movie, monks in the Shaolin temple fight the invading Manchu army in one on one duels.

"The Shaolin Temple" was released in 1982. When the Tang emperor is assassinated by a general, his slave goes to a Shaolin temple to learn Kung Fu and get revenge. The movie stars Jet Li in his film debut. A remake, "Shaolin," was released in 2011.

"The 36th Chamber of Shaolin," released in 1978, involves a man who learns Shaolin Kung Fu after surviving a Manchu attack. He then seeks revenge against the Manchu.

"Five Masters of Death" was released in 1974. After the Qing army attack a Shaolin temple, the survivors return to the temple's ruins to train so they can fight the army.

"Shaolin Soccer" is a comedy that was released in 2001. A Shaolin monk reunites with his brothers to form a soccer team that uses their Kung Fu skills. Stephen Chow starred, directed and co-wrote the movie.

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