What Are Some Movies Starring Nicolas Cage?

What Are Some Movies Starring Nicolas Cage?

Some top-rated movies starring Nicholas Cage include "Leaving Las Vegas," "Adaptation," "Raising Arizona," "Face/Off," "The Rock" and "Valley Girl," according to MovieFone and Rotten Tomatoes. Some of his poorly rated films include "City of Angels," "Ghost Rider," "Snake Eyes," "Knowing" and "Trapped in Paradise." Cage has appeared in over 80 movies, as of 2015.

One of Cage's most popular movies with critics and fans alike is "Adaptation," which was directed by Spike Jonze and features a screenplay by Charlie Kaufman. In the quirky movie, Cage plays a fictional version of Kaufman, letting him prove that he has range and can play complicated characters.

"Leaving Las Vegas" is another critical favorite, with a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 89 percent. He stars as an alcoholic who plans to drink himself to death in Las Vegas, a part which won him a Golden Globe award.

Nicholas Cage has worked with many top directors. Notable collaborations include Martin Scorsese in "Bringing Out the Dead," Werner Herzog in "Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans," Ridley Scott in "Matchstick Men" and the Cohen Brothers in "Raising Arizona."

Cage is also well known for action movies such as "Face/Off," "The Rock," "National Treasure" and "Con Air." However, he has earned a lot of praise for his roles in romantic comedies such as "Honeymoon in Las Vegas" and "Moonstruck."