What Are Some Movies Starring Carmen Electra?


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Carmen Electra has appeared in films such as "Date Movie," "Epic Movie," "Scary Movie 4" and "Meet the Spartans." She has also appeared in a number of other films, occasionally playing herself.

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Carmen Electra has appeared in numerous "Movie" parody films, directed by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer. These films include "Date Movie," in which Electra plays Anne, and "Scary Movie 4," in which she plays Holly. Electra was also featured in "Meet the Spartans," in which she played Queen Margo, and "Epic Movie," in which she played Mystique. As of July 2015, the last Friedberg/Seltzer movie Electra has appeared in is "Disaster Movie," in which she plays Beautiful Assassin.

Electra has also appeared in a number of other movies, many of which are comedies. She played the role of Staci in "Starsky and Hutch," alongside Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, and appeared with Steve Martin, Eugene Levy and Bonnie Hunt in "Cheaper By the Dozen 2," playing the role of Sarina Murtaugh. Electra has also made appearences in "Bedtime Stories," starring Adam Sandler, and "My Boss's Daughter," starring Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy. Electra has appeared as herself in films such as "Mardi Gras: Spring Break," "Full of It," "American Dreamz" and "Mr. 3000."

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