What Movies Are Set in Colby, TX?

Colby, Texas is a fictional town used as the setting for the 2013 version of the movie "The Lone Ranger." Colby is depicted as a small Old West town that's the home of the film's eponymous character.

The 2013 film "The Lone Ranger" is largely set in the fictional town of Colby, Texas, the home of John Reid, played by actor Armie Hammer. The town is portrayed as a stop on the transcontinental railroad, then under construction. Reid, an idealistic lawyer, accompanies his brother, a Texas Ranger, in pursuit of a criminal, which leads to a fatal ambush for Reid's brother. After being deputized as a Ranger himself, events lead Reid to meet the Native American Tonto and eventually assume the masked identity of the Lone Ranger. The duo engage in various adventures, most prominently one involving Colby's role as a transcontinental railroad stop. The town eventually honors its anonymous masked hero.

While the town of Colby is fictional, the film was actually shot in locations in six states. Locations included Moab, Utah; Creede and Alamosa in Colorado; Cimarron Canyon State Park in New Mexico; Monument Valley and Canyon de Chelle National Monument in Chinle, Arizona; and Lone Pine, California, in addition to various locations in Texas.