Do Movies From Hong Kong Deal Mainly With Martial Arts?


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Hong Kong cinema deals with a variety of subjects ranging from historical epics, personal dramas and martial arts films of all genres. It is a varied and dynamic creative environment in which many creative voices are expressed and many dramatic avenues are pursued on a regular basis.

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Martial arts do occupy an important place in Hong Kong cinema and have been responsible for the broadening of the market's appeal. Action stars such as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan have helped to popularize Chinese action films around the world and the genre remained enduringly popular even in the 2010s.

The Hong Kong cinema dominates the East Asian film market and as such it must appeal to a wide variety of tastes. This has led it to expand from its early roots to encompass a huge variety of genres ranging in scale and tone from epic productions focused on the history of Asia and the lives of cultural heroes to small, intimate contemporary drama productions.

Hong Kong cinema has continued to change in the twenty-first century and has been an increasingly prominent part of the international film community. It displays all the versatility and drive to expand in other film communities, including Hollywood, Bollywood and French cinema, in its yearly offerings.

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