What Are Some Movies About High School Football?


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Some movies about high school football are "Varsity Blues," "The Blind Side," "Gridiron Gang," "Wild Cats," "The Best of Times," "Remember the Titans," "All the Right Moves" and "Friday Night Lights." The 2011 movie "Undefeated" was also centered on a high school football team.

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What Are Some Movies About High School Football?
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Unlike the others listed, "Undefeated" is a documentary. It was shot between 2009 and 2010 and followed the Manassas Tigers football team of Manassas High School in inner-city Memphis, Tennessee. The focus of this documentary movie is on three particular high school football players described as underdogs because of their deprived socioeconomic backgrounds. The movie also focuses on local businessman Bill Courtney, who organizes coaching for the student athletes. Despite being white in a predominantly black environment, Courtney remarked that he was accepted by the students much more readily than they would have been accepted within his own social circles.

"Undefeated" was likened to the movie "The Blind Side," which was set in Wingate Christian High School. In this movie, the team's success comes from a creative approach to offensive play, relying mostly on their tackle Michael Oher. The Kilpatrick Mustangs in "Gridiron Gang" play a similarly offensive game, seeking to intimidate their opponents. Conversely, the Permian Panthers in "Friday Night Lights," which was ranked as the best movie high school football team by the NFL, were driven to the highest levels of championship games by their own fear of losing.

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