What Are Some Movies Featuring Specific Breeds of Dogs?


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Movies featuring specific dog breeds include "Lassie Come Home," which featured a collie; "The Shaggy Dog," which featured an English Sheepdog; and "101 Dalmatians." "Beethoven" featured a Saint Bernard, and "Marley and Me" featured a Labrador.

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What Are Some Movies Featuring Specific Breeds of Dogs?
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Disney has made its share of movies featuring dogs in the past. Besides "101 Dalmatians," "Homeward Bound" features a golden retriever and an American bulldog, and "Old Yeller" has a yellow Lab as its star. "Eight Below" features huskies, and "White Fang" features a wolf.

There have even been specific dog breeds in horror films. Probably the best-known dog from a scary film is Cujo, a St. Bernard who develops rabies and goes on a killing spree in an adaptation of a Stephen King novel of the same name. Hercules was an English mastiff that starred in King's "The Sandlot," and Sadie was a border collie in the film "The Conjuring."

Dogs that starred in a comedic role include Olive from "Olive, the Other Reindeer," Moses the Chihuahua from "Meet the Fockers," Pete the pit bull terrier from "Our Gang" and Scud, the bull terrier from "Toy Story."

Dogs show up in both animated and live-action films, and once a specific dog breed appears in the entertainment industry, people all over the world rush out to adopt that breed, according to The Bark.

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