What Is the Movie "Two for the Money" About?


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"Two for the Money" is about a former college football star, played by Matthew McConaughey, becoming involved in the sports betting business. In doing so, he becomes involved with a sports media mogul played by Al Pacino.

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Brandon Lang, played by McConaughey, is a former college football star whose career ended prematurely following a serious injury. Lang puts his knowledge of football to use by betting on games, and his success catches the eye of Walter Abrams, played by Pacino. Abrams runs a television show called "The Sports Advisors" and includes Lang as the show's in-house advisor. The show skyrockets in popularity, but tension arises when former expert Jerry Sykes, played by Jeremy Piven, feels he is being thrown out.

Things go awry when Lang becomes complacent in his success and his bets start faltering. His misplaced advice brings him the ire of crime figures such as C.M. Novian, played by Armand Assante. Lang's mistakes also take a toll on his relationship with Abrams. Abrams, revealed to be a recovering gambling addict, has relapsed over the course of the film due to Lang's assurances. The film ends with Lang correctly betting on the winning team in a big game but only due to choosing based on a coin flip.

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