What Is the Movie "Tears of the Sun" About?


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"Tears of the Sun" is a 2003 action film about a U.S. Navy SEAL rescue mission during the Nigerian civil war. The mission involves rescuing four American citizens.

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The main character of "Tears of the Sun" is Lieutenant A.K. Waters, played by Bruce Willis. Waters is sent by Captain Bill Rhodes, played by Tom Skeritt, to rescue Dr. Lena Fiore Kendricks, played by Monica Bellucci. Members of Waters's team include Zee, played by Eamonn Walker; Slo, played by Nick Chinlund; and Lake, played by Johnny Messner. The mission begins smoothly, though problems arise when Kendricks tells Waters she refuses to leave without all of her patients.

After consulting with Captain Rhodes, Waters agrees to assist Kendricks's patients in the escape from the guerilla soldiers. As the SEALs arrive at their escape helicopter, Waters betrays Kendricks and takes off with only her, leaving the patients behind. However, as Waters witnesses the carnage of battle as the helicopter flies overhead, he becomes remorseful and orders the pilot to pick up the patients and other refugees. After assisting as many refugees as possible, Waters and his team decide to escort the remaining refugees to Cameroon. After a long journey in which numerous SEALs die, Waters and his team arrive in Cameroon with the refugees.

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