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The 2010 film "Super" stars Rainn Wilson as an average man who creates a superhero persona in an attempt to rescue his wife from a strip club owner and drug dealer. However, Wilson is somewhat inept as a hero, creating a comedic environment for the film's story.

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In the movie, Wilson plays a cook named Frank Darbo, who leads an unsatisfying and unremarkable life, and believes his wife Sarah, played by Liv Tyler, is the best thing to happen to him. He also focuses on an incident in his past in which he aided police in apprehending a purse snatcher, leading him to fantasize about comic book heroes. His wife is a recovering drug addict and eventually leaves him after Jaques, a dealer played by Kevin Bacon, gets her addicted to drugs again. Wilson's character creates the persona of the Crimson Bolt after seeing a television religious superhero, played by Nathan Fillion, and attempts to rescue his wife.

The movie is written and directed by James Gunn and also stars Ellen Page as Wilson's friend and sidekick. Despite its noteworthy cast, the film has generally poor ratings from critics. Many were unsatisfied with its attempt to combine the dark elements of vigilante violence and drug addiction with the humor of an average man dressing up as a superhero.

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