What Is the Movie "Spawn 2" About?

As of 2015, "Spawn 2" has yet to be produced. The film has been in development hell since 1998, following the critical failure of the first film.

"Spawn" was released on Aug. 1, 1997, to highly negative reviews and only moderate box office success. Production on a sequel began shortly thereafter, but stopped in 1998, and has yet to resume. In 2001, Michael Jai White, who played the title character in the original film, stated that he and producer Don Murphy were part of the project. Todd McFarlane, the film's writer and Spawn's creator, stated that his plans for a sequel involved Sam and Twitch, other characters in the story, with Spawn as a peripheral character.

In August 2009, McFarlane confirmed the he was working on a script featuring Spawn, and hoped to begin production soon. In 2011, McFarlane announced that he was almost finished with the script.and White stated that he would love to reprise his role, should the film be made. In 2013, McFarlane announced further progress on the script, as well as plans for an animated series. He also stated that an Academy Award winning actor, later revealed to be Jamie Foxx, was interested in playing Spawn. Foxx confirmed his interest in the property, but no plans for a film are currently in place.