What Is the Movie "Something's Gotta Give" About?


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"Something's Gotta Give" is a romantic comedy about a man and woman falling in love despite their apprehensions. The movie stars Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton as the romantic leads.

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In "Something's Gotta Give," Jack Nicholson stars as Harry Sanborn, an aging real estate mogul with a habit of dating significantly younger women. His most recent girlfriend, Marin Klein, played by Amanda Feet, takes him on vacation to a beach house in the Hamptons. Once they arrive, they are surprised by Marin's mother, Erica Barry, played by Diane Keaton, and Erica's sister, Zoe, played by Frances McDormand. That night, following an intense love-making session with Marin, Harry has a heart attack and is rushed to the hospital.

Harry's doctor, Julian Mercer, played by Keanu Reeves, instructs him to remain with Erica at the beach house to recuperate. Julian also takes a liking to Marin, much to Harry's dismay. Despite their initial dislike of each other, Harry and Erica eventually fall in love, but things become complicated after Harry's health improves. The film ends with Harry tracking down Erica in Paris, and apologizing for his behavior, explaining that he truly loves her and wants to continue their relationship. She accepts, and the film ends with Harry, Erica, Marin and Marin's husband eating together as a family.

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