What Is the Movie "A Second Chance" About?


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The movie "A Second Chance" follows the experience of two Christian pastors as they are forced to work together to minister to a tough neighborhood. The two come from very different backgrounds, so along the way they learn more about what it means to be a pastor through the experiences of each other.

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One pastor, by the name of Ethan Jenkins, is a passionate, white preacher who works at a media savvy, stereotypical mega-church filled with suburban families and privilege. He is very passionate about what he believes in regardless, though, and is still a devout follower of God. The other pastor is an African American named Jake Sanders who works on the streets spreading the word of God to drug dealers, homeless people, single mothers, prostitutes and struggling citizens in need of some light. The two pastors are forced to work side by side when the African American pastor's church is threatened, and must learn how to overcome the divide between them to save the church. Many lessons are learned about racial and economical prejudice, what it really means to be a believer of God and how two people from very different places can both be believers of the same God.

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