What Is the Movie "Police Academy" About?

"Police Academy" is a comedy film produced in 1984 and directed by Hugh Wilson, and it is about a group of misfit recruits at a police academy. The movie made over $146 million worldwide, and it spawned several more films in a series.

Because of a shortage of police officers, the new city mayor announces a policy that requires all police departments to accept willing recruits, which abolishes fitness requirements, medical standards and educational levels. Not every person on the force is happy about this development.

Carey Mahoney has had repeated run-ins with the law in the past, and he is now compelled to join a police force to avoid going to jail. Captain Reed knows Mahoney's father and suggests this idea in the first place, and Mahoney reluctantly agrees to the arrangement.

The acting lieutenant, Thaddeus Harris, trains the cadets and agrees with the plan, though he plans to employ difficult tactics to encourage as many recruits as he can to quit. Commandant Lassard does not agree with the schemes, and he believes that the recruits should be given a fair chance based on their own merits. Over the course of the movie, the viewer meets a variety of other recruits and watches them become police officers through numerous mishaps.