What Is the Movie Patriot Games About?


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"Patriot Games" is an action film starring Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan, a CIA analyst. The plot follows Ryan as he tries to protect his family from revenge after he foils a terrorist attempt by the IRA.

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"Patriot Games" begins with Jack Ryan on vacation with his family in London. Ryan witnesses a terrorist attack in action and manages to save one of the targets by killing the attacker, though he is injured in the process. The attacker's brother, Sean Miller, played by Sean Bean, is captured by the police and sent to prison, but swears vengeance on Ryan and his family. However, Miller escapes from custody when his associates ambush his escort vehicle as he is driven to prison.

Miller convinces his associates to track down Ryan and murder him. One follower, Annette, played by Polly Walker, attacks Ryan at the U.S. Naval Academy. Soon after, Miller and one of his henchman attack Ryan's wife and daughter, injuring both of them. The film ends with Ryan and Miller confronting each other for a final showdown on a boat on a shoreline near Ryan's home. Ryan is able to kill Miller with an anchor on the boat and save his family from the terrorists once and for all.

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