What Is the Movie "Outlander" About?

What Is the Movie "Outlander" About?

"Outlander" is a 2008 science fiction film about an alien spaceship crashing into Viking territory during the Iron Age, set in Herot, Norway during A.D. 709. In the movie, the Vikings capture Kainan, the pilot of the craft, and keep him prisoner. When the Norse village comes under attack, Kainan realizes that a predatory monster from his homeland, the Moorwen, had stowed away on his spacecraft and has now escaped.

Following the crash, Hrothgar captures the pilot Kainan and imprisons him. The savage Moorwen attacks King Hrothgar, and Kainan saves him, an act that wins him favor with the Viking tribe.

The Moorwen’s killings incite a war between two Viking villages as a rival king, Gunnar, played by Ron Perlman, believes that Hrothgar's people were the cause of the attacks. Kainan saves Hrothgar from the hostile rivals, and as the Moorwen continues its assault, the enemy villages realize they must ally in order to fight it.

The Viking’s attempts to defeat the Moorwen lead to bloodshed, and both kings die. Kainan realizes that earth metals are not strong enough to damage the Moorwen, so he and the remaining Vikings create weapons from the spacecraft.

Howard McCain wrote and directed "Outlander" and produced the film with a budget of $47 million. The plot is loosely based on the Old English epic poem "Beowulf."