What Is the Movie Madagascar About?


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The 2005 film "Madagascar" centers around four animals, including Marty the zebra, Alex the lion, Gloria the hippo and Melman the giraffe, who are thrown from their comfortable lives as celebrities at the Central Park Zoo into the wilds of Madagascar. The movie begins with the celebration of Marty's birthday.

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Marty, however, is depressed from living in the confines of the zoo and soon escapes and ventures into New York City with the intention of visiting the wilds of Connecticut for the day. His friends, Alex, Gloria and Melman soon realize that he is missing and take off to find him, meeting up with him at Grand Central Station. After their capture, the four animals find themselves in crates on a ship when they finally wake up. Marty, Gloria, Alex and Melman, along with four mischievous penguins and two surly chimps, bound for the Kenyan Wildlife Preserve. The penguins soon commandeer the ship on reroute to Antarctica. The crates containing Alex, Gloria, Melman and Marty are thrown off the ship in the process. The rest of the movie centers around the four as they wash up on the shore of Madagascar and try to make the best of their new lives while figuring out how to get home.

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