What Is the Movie "Jaws: the Revenge" About?


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"Jaws: the Revenge," the fourth movie in the "Jaws" series, follows Ellen Brody as she flees Amity Island, pursued by the shark that killed her son. When she arrives in the Bahamas, the shark attacks begin again, and she is forced to put a stop to the terror, along with her surviving son, his friend Jake, and her love interest, Hoagie.

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When the movie opens, Ellen Brody has begun to believe that the shark has a vendetta against her entire family: her late husband died of a heart attack, which Ellen believes was caused by the appearance of a shark, while her son Sean was killed by a shark. Ellen also develops a telepathic link to the great white shark and knows when it is about to attack. In the film's climax, Jake implants an electronic device in the shark, and when Ellen crashes her boat into the great white, it explodes.

"Jaws: the Revenge" is not only the worst-reviewed movie in the franchise, but it also has a reputation as one of the worst movies of all time. Critics fault the film's illogical plot, the fact that the shark roars, and the overall sense that the movie is simply rehashing the events of earlier entries in the series.

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