What Is the Movie "Furious 7" About?


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The movie “Furious 7” is about a team of street-racing criminals who are enlisted by a CIA agent, Mr. Nobody, to rescue a computer hacker, Ramsey, and recover an advanced digital tracking program, known as God’s Eye. In return, the team is allowed to use God’s Eye to track down criminal mastermind, Deckard Shaw, who wants revenge on the group for thwarting and nearly killing his brother, Owen.

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“Furious 7” is the seventh film in the “Fast and the Furious” series and begins after Deckard Shaw, a rogue member of the special forces, murders Han, a former member of Dominic Toretto’s criminal team. Shaw hacks the computer of DSS agent Luke Hobbs to learn the identities of Toretto’s team. Shaw sends a package bomb to Toretto, destroying the home he shares with his girlfriend, Letty, his sister, Mia, and his brother-in-law, Brian.

Toretto’s team swears revenge against Shaw and agrees to help the CIA by attacking a convoy in Azerbaijan led by the mercenary Jakande. While the team is able to retrieve Ramsey and the God’s Eye, the team members are forced to fight off Jakande and Shaw, eventually taking the fight back to Los Angeles. The team, which also includes tech wiz Tej Parker and sweet talker Roman Pearce, engages in several major action scenes over the course of the film, including stealing an expensive car from a sheik in Abu Dhabi and driving it through a 50th-story window.

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