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The movie "Footloose" is about rebellion, dance, activism and romance. The plot of the movie "Footloose" centers on a teenager who moves from Chicago to a small town only to find out that the conservative small town tragically banned dancing.

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In Footloose, the lead character, teenager Ren McCormack, moves with his mother to the unknown, small town of Beaumont. McCormack's father left his mother, so McCormack moves with his mother to his aunt's house in the small, unheard-of town. The local pastor, Reverend Moore, runs the repressed town and keeps strict order. McCormack tries to blend in and settle down, but his frustration grows when he finds out that the town banned rock music as well as dancing. McCormack sets out to change the town's law in time for the prom. McCormack seeks to revitalize the town's spirit by reinstating dancing.

In the film, McCormack meets a teenage love interest Ariel, whose father is Reverend Moore. Despite Ariel's chemistry with McCormack, Ariel has a skeptical and jealous boyfriend. The Reverend forbids Ariel to see McCormack again. After McCormack's attempt to persuade the town council to reinstate dancing fails, McCormack speaks with Reverend Moore. Moore realizes that his sorrow at his son's death prompted him to keep a stern fist on the town's behaviors. Moore has a change of heart, and for the first time in many years, the youth of the town dance "Footloose."

"Footloose" blends the themes of determination, self-expression and romance to create a dance-themed movie that popularized many rock hits including "Let's Hear It For The Boy." In addition to the 1984 movie, artists adapted "Footloose" into a musical and remade the movie in 2011.

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