In the Movie "Fahrenheit 451," Which Book Did Guy Montag Memorize?


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In the movie "Fahrenheit 451," Guy Montag selects "Tales of Mystery and Imagination" by Edgar Allan Poe to memorize. This differs from Ray Bradbury's novel, in which Montag chooses the Biblical book of Ecclesiastes.

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There are other differences between the film and the novel, including the movie's removal of nearly all the science-fiction elements of Bradbury's text. One of the key differences has to do with the character Clarisse, a 16-year-old student in the book, who is portrayed as a 20-year-old teacher in the film. Script writers made Clarisse a love interest for Montag and gave her a happier ending than in the book. Bradbury was said to be pleased with the film overall, and when he adapted "Fahrenheit 451" for the stage, he kept some of the movie elements.

American author Ray Bradbury wrote "Fahrenheit 451" in 1953. François Truffaut and Jean-Louis Richard adapted it for the screen. Truffaut directed the film, which was released in 1966. It was the French director's first film in the English language. Oskar Werner stars as Montag.

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