What Is the Movie "Clear History" About?

“Clear History” is a 2013 HBO comedy film about a former marketing executive plotting revenge against his former business associate who has reaped all the benefits of their joint innovation. The movie was written by Larry David, Alec Breg, David Mandel and Jeff Schaffer. Greg Mottola directed the movie, with Larry David and Jon Hamm in the lead roles. It also had numerous prominent actors in supporting roles, including Bill Hader, Kate Hudson, Michael Keaton, Eva Mendes and Danny McBride.

The plot of “Clear History” revolves around Nathan Flomm and Will Haney. Larry David plays the role of Flomm and Jon Hamm plays the role of Haney. Flomm and David are business associates of a company that is about to launch a new electric car. The two have a disagreement with respect to the naming of the car. Flomm quits the company taking a severance package.

The electric car becomes a huge commercial success and Haney makes billions of dollars, while Flomm becomes a ridiculed public figure. Ten years later, Flomm has moved to Martha’s Vineyard and leaving under the name Rolly DaVore. He has made new acquaintances and living a new life.

Haney, now a wealthy successful businessman, also comes to Martha’s Vineyard to build a mansion. Flomm plots to take revenge on Haney by blowing up his mansion. The rest of the movie revolves on how the plot is carried out and on whether Flomm succeeds in his attempt.