What Is the Movie "Chucky Vs. Leprechaun" About?

As of 2015, a “Chucky vs. Leprechaun” movie has not been officially released or confirmed. Horror film fans tease the idea of the film by creating fake movie trailers online. In 2013, director Don Mancini appeared at the FrightFest UK film festival where he talked about the possibility of the film. He joked about the idea of both characters fighting each other, claiming that the idea seemed too obvious to him.

Mancini also mentioned that the idea of “Freddy Krueger vs. Chucky” seemed more interesting to him. He further explained his opinion by stating that Krueger and Chucky together had the potential of being a funny double act.

Chucky is a horror film fictional character created by Mancini. In 1988, the character debuted as a Good Guy doll in the film “Child’s Play.” In the film’s opening scene, a serial killer is shown running into a toy store, where he is shot by a policeman. Before his death, the killer grabs a Good Guy doll and transfers his soul into it, therefore creating Chucky. As of 2015, Chucky has appeared in several horror films and has also been nominated for an MTV Movie Award for Best Villain.

“Leprechaun” is a horror film series that features an evil leprechaun named Lubdan. The leprechaun tends to appear and go on a killing spree whenever his gold is stolen from him. Most of the “Leprechaun” films have received low reviews from various film critics.