What Is the Movie "Balahibong Pusa" About?

What Is the Movie "Balahibong Pusa" About?

In "Balahibong Pusa," Sarah, the protagonist, is unhappy with her mother's new husband, Michael, who she suspects secretly lusts after and spies on her. At the same time, her mother disapproves of Sarah's relationship with her friend Nick, a mechanic at Michael's shop. Sarah and Nick have romantic tension between them, but he is in a relationship with another woman, Becky.

"Balahibong Pusa" is a Philippine movie from 2001 directed by Yam Laranas and staring Joyce Jimenez, with Elizabeth Orpesa, Julio Diaz, Jay Manalo and Rica Peralejo in the other main parts. It has not been commercially released outside the Philippines as of 2015.

The film features frequent sex scenes and nudity. The title is often translated as "Cat Whiskers," but according to movie critic Noel Vera, the title actually implies something a bit more risqué in Tagalog.

William "Yam" Laranas started as an independent director of short films, and "Balahibong Pusa" was his first full-length movie. He has directed seven more movies as of 2015; some of them with U.S. distribution, such as the horror movie "The Road."

Joyce Jimenez is a Filipino actress and model who was born and grew up in the United States, but she has worked her movie career in the Philippines. As of 2015, she has stared in 19 movies, but none with international distribution.