What Is Mother Nature?

mother-nature Credit: Dougal Waters/Taxi/Getty Images

According to Reference.com, "Mother Nature is a common anthropomorphized representation of nature that focuses on the life-giving and nurturing features of nature by embodying it in the form of the mother." In prehistoric times, evidence points to many different religions worshiping Earth goddesses due to their association with agricultural bounty and fertility.

The Theoi Project states, "Gaia was the goddess of the earth." As the Greek's Mother Nature, Gaia was the progenitor of plants, animals and mankind. Orion portrays her as the animal's protector. In Roman mythology, Gaia is known as Terra or Tellus. All three names translate to Earth. In later Greek mythology, Demeter replaces Gaia as the earth mother figure. Demeter refuses the harvest to humans upon her discovery of Hades' abduction and dragging of her daughter, Persephone, to the underworld. Her vengeance is so strong that only the intervention of Zeus saves the human race. As per the Theoi Project, because Persephone has consumed the fruit of the dead, Zeus and Hades strike a deal that she must remain in the underworld one month each year for each of the six seeds she ate. The result is a six month warm season for planting, growing and harvesting crops, followed by a six month cold season when crops do not grow.