What Are Some Monologues for Young Actors?

Monologues for young actors include Claudio's monologue from "Measure For Measure," Konstantin's monologue from "The Seagull" and Matthew's monologue from "100 Girls." Claudio's monologue encompasses a range of moods, while Konstantin's is more dramatic and sad. Matthew's "100 Girls" monologue is in the romantic comedy vein.

For actors who want to show off their animated side, Mozart's monologue from "Amadeus" reaches points of high intensity as Mozart makes his case for performing a vulgar opera. Another contemporary monologue with more of a brooding, contemplative mood is Danny's monologue from "American History X," in which Danny quotes Abraham Lincoln.

Monologues for younger children are available at ChildDrama.com. The monologues are written by a teacher and cover topics including dream control and skateboarding.