What Are Some Monkey Cartoon Characters?

Famous monkey cartoon characters include Abu from "Aladdin," Boots from "Dora the Explorer," Curious George from "Curious George," and Rafiki from "The Lion King." Technically, apes are not monkeys, but there are also several prominent cartoon apes, including Mojo Jojo (a chimpanzee) from "The Powerpuff Girls," King Louie (an orangutan) from "The Jungle Book," and Darwin (a chimpanzee) from "The Wild Thronberrys."

Many of the most famous cartoon monkeys appear in Disney films. These include Abu, Rafiki and King Louie. Others are from Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon animated television series, including Mojo Jojo, Boots and Darwin. Less-prominent cartoon monkeys include Evil Monkey from "Family Guy" and Monkey from "Dexter's Laboratory."

There are also several monkey characters from video games that have later become characters in cartoons, including Donkey Kong, who is a gorilla, originally from the 1981 video game of the same name, and the monkeys from "Ape Escape," which was later adapted as a cartoon on Nicktoons in 2009.

Most cartoon monkeys have the ability to talk or even sing, as in the case of King Louie. Others, however, are restricted to making inarticulate monkey noises, such as Abu, who communicates with other characters primarily through gestures and facial expressions.