What Are Some Modern Designs for Building a Garage?


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Some modern designs used in building garages include putting the car on the roof or under the house or creating an open air space. These designs often find creative ways to deal with limited lot space in urban environments.

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Designers work to bring often forgotten garages into more use with increased aesthetic appeal, or work to minimize the space required by the garage.

  • Car on the roof: One way to deal with limited space is to build up and designers often like to build a garage in the space on the roof of modern buildings. This is common with buildings partially integrated into the Earth.
  • Car under the house: Another option is to build the garage under the house by digging down to create a space with an angled driveway, or to create an overhanging second story that acts as cover for the vehicle.
  • Open air: Rather than constructing a completely enclosed space, modern designers sometimes create a hybrid building that is more than a carport, but allows fresh air to flow through it.
  • Separate building: Lots that already have a separate building may see that building converted into a garage. Designers may also create a garage that looks more like a cottage than a place to keep the car.
  • Car inside the house: Car enthusiasts can show off their vehicles or keep them extra safe with a garage that is part of a large living room.
  • Hidden or barely there door:
  • Modern style often incorporates minimalist elements, so designers can create a hidden garage with a nearly seamless door that only the homeowner knows exists. Others may opt to build a garage with a minimalist door that is glass or wooden slats that outsiders can see through.

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