Which Modern Artists Perform Old-Fashioned Gospel Music?

While many artists prominent in the 2010s performed classic gospel music or drew influence from that genre, Tramaine Hawkins and Yolanda Adams are representatives of its status at that time. Both build their personas around a strong bond with gospel music and with the revivalist African-American Christian communities from which gospel first sprang.

Lady Tramaine Hawkins rose to prominence in the 1960s and was inducted into the Gospel Hall of Fame in 1999. She has remained active as a performer and while her prominence has waned, she still writes and produces music with a strong Biblical influence and durable roots in the gospel and soul communities.

Yolanda Adams debuted her career in 1988 just as Lady Tramaine's career was reaching its apex. As of 2015 she had been nominated twice for a Grammy Award and had won numerous other industry and critical awards over the course of her decades-spanning career.

Both singers operate in contemporary circles and are indicative of many of the traits which characterize the beauty of the gospel genre. They incorporate many Biblical motifs and themes into their music and trade heavily in revival tent culture while still involving themselves in the production avenues that interface with much of the modern pop and R&B scene.