How Does the MLP Avatar Creator Work?

The MLP Avatar Creator allows the player to create a character image using a number of customizable details, including hair length and color, gender, facial features and clothing. The player can then use the print screen function on her computer to download and save the finished image.

To use the MLP Avatar Creator, the player must have Flash installed on her computer. She first chooses the gender of the character she wants to depict. The game then displays a series of options, starting with skin color and facial features and finishing with a variety of hats and accessories. The player can click through each option to see its effect on the character image. Although the game does not currently offer a save function, the player can download her finished image by taking a screen capture.

The MLP Avatar Creator is one of a popular series of "online doll" Flash-based games. The game's creator, Missangest, cites the animated television show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" as her inspiration for the avatar creator. Although the game creates human images, Missangest included colorful hair and skin options reminiscent of the characters on "My Little Pony." As of 2015, Rinmaru Games hosts the avatar creator on its website. Missangest also hosts a copy in her DeviantArt gallery.