Why Is Mika Brzezinski Getting Divorced?

Mika Brzezinski is still married to her husband, James Hoffer, according to an MSNBC biography. The co-host of the network's weekday morning program, "Morning Joe," has been married to her husband since 1993.

Mika Brzezinski and her spouse, reporter Jim Hoffer, have two daughters and live in a 1920s English Tudor house in Bronxville, New York. The residence was purchased in 2012 and redecorated by interior designer Larry Burns, according to a 2013 Huffington Post article.

Brzezinski has been with MSNBC since 2007, working as a newsreader and news anchor for the network before her selection to join former Republican representative Joe Scarborough on "Morning Joe." Prior to her stint with MSNBC, she worked at CBS as an anchor and correspondent for the "CBS Evening News Weekend Edition," "CBS Sunday Morning" and "60 Minutes." Notably, Brzezinski was one of several correspondents who reported live and on location during the September 11, 2001 attacks in lower Manhattan.

In addition to her television work, Mika Brzezinski is a best-selling author of three books: "All Things At Once," "Knowing Your Value" and "Obsessed: America's Food Addiction and My Own." The first was a memoir that became a New York Times best-seller in January 2010.