What Is "Midnight Sun" by Stephanie Meyer?


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Stephanie Meyer's novel "Midnight Sun" was slated to be a retelling of the author's famous novel "Twilight" from the perspective of Edward. The novels in the original Twilight series were told from the perspective of Bella, a human teenager who falls in love with Edward, an immortal vampire. However, in 2008, a draft of "Midnight Sun" was released on the Internet, causing Meyer to put the project on hold indefinitely.

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In October 2015, during a book panel at the New York City Comic Con convention, Meyers reiterated her desire to finish "Midnight Sun." However, as soon as she had finished her 2015 project "Life and Death," a retelling of the Twilight series in which gender roles were switched, and begun to work on "Midnight Sun" anew, E.L. James' novel "Grey" was published. "Grey" was a retelling of James' hit "50 Shades of Grey" that told the story from the perspective of Christian Grey. "Grey" therefore used the same literary device as "Midnight Sun," ultimately causing Meyer to once again put the project on hold indefinitely.

As of December 2015, Meyer has not released any plans to officially finish "Midnight Sun." However, she has posted a PDF of the unfinished manuscript on her website.

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