What Is the Michael Berry Show About?

Michael Berry's KTRH radio program is a conservative radio talk show primarily based on the host's interpretations of recent events. The general public has met the show with controversy on several occasions due to Michael Berry's comments on issues such as race and cultural pluralism.

Michael Berry is nationally syndicated; his show is simulcast live in Waco, Texas, Nashville, Tennessee, New Orleans, Louisiana and Albany, New York, among many other locations, as of 2015. He covers news, cultural events and politics, occasionally inviting well-known politicians such as Texas Senator Ted Cruz to his show.

In 2010, the Council on American-Islamic Relations filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission related to incendiary remarks made by Michael Berry about the proposed construction of a mosque near Ground Zero in New York City. Berry claimed that he hoped the mosque would be bombed, and later apologized for his remarks.

Media Matters for America quotes Michael Berry claiming that African-Americans do not value life the same way that white people do. In response to footage of a 15-year old girl being assaulted outside a fast food restaurant, the radio host claimed that African-American culture is one of "thuggery" and crime while using a routine of African-American comedian Chris Rock as evidence.