What Are Some Methods of Making Stage Props?


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Stage props can be crafted using a variety of techniques, from two-dimensional painted props that aren't handled to three-dimensional, non-perishable food props that are built with materials that replicate the appearance of food items such as cake icing, but will not melt or spoil and can be reused for multiple productions. Three-dimensional props can also be purchased from thrift stores or repurposed from found materials, such as a hardcover book that can be recovered with leather to make the book look older or more appropriate for a period piece that takes place in the days before mass manufacturing. Creating props from scratch or repurposing found materials may require a variety of skills, including the ability to draw, sculpt, paint or work with power tools.

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What Are Some Methods of Making Stage Props?
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Fake food can be made out of plaster or clay and dyed or painted. For example, a play that calls for an iced cake prop can be crafted out of a rectangular box or a piece of foam that is spray painted white to represent a base icing color and then "iced" with details using caulk or plaster that has been dyed and put in an icing bag. This method accurately replicates the look and feel of icing, allowing prop crafters to using the icing bag as if it contained actual icing.

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