What Is the Message in the Poem "The Soul Selects Her Own Society"?

The message in Emily Dickinson's poem "The Soul Selects Her Own Society" is choosing one friend or love interest and excluding all others. The poet makes her choice and does not care who else tries to gain her attention.

This is one of Dickinson's best known poems. A famous poet who suffered from Bright's Disease, Dickinson was also a recluse. She rarely left her family home, much less her hometown. Instead, she received a select few, cherished visitors.

Her tendency to only stay in contact with these few friends and family members is illustrated in the first four lines of the poem. She "selects her own society" — her inner circle — and she has no interest in adding other people: "to her divine majority, present no more."

So uninterested is she in other people that even if an emperor were "kneeling on her mat," she would be unmoved.