What Are Some Mermaid Magic Spells?


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Top mermaid magic spells include the Mermaid in One Day, the Mermaid of the Ocean Spell, the New Moon Mermaid Spell and the Working Mermaid Spell. Different props are needed for each of these spells including sea salt and sea shells.

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What Are Some Mermaid Magic Spells?
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The Mermaid in One Day spell requires a conk shell, sea salt, five regular sea shells and a belief in mermaids. It should be performed on a night with a full moon. Prepare for this spell by filling a bathtub with cold water. Sprinkle sea salt in the tub while it is still filling, and then shut the water off and place the five sea shells in the water. Place your legs and conk shell in the salty water for approximately 5 minutes.

Remove the conk shell from the water and look up at the moon. Chant the words, "Goddess of the Sea, I wish to be free. A tail like yours is what I need. By the full moon you shall make it (color) and to have the power of (power), to control the sea this is what I need." Withdraw from the bath and go straight to bed, and then the spell is complete. The Goddess of the Sea determines at which time the desired effects shall come to pass.

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