What Are Some Memorial Verses for a Son?

What Are Some Memorial Verses for a Son?

A short memorial verse for a son is, "Two little hands are resting, A loving heart is still, A little son we loved is waiting, For us just over the hill." Longer verses include the poems "My Son" and "Precious Son."

Short memorial verses are useful for obituaries. Another of these is, "May you rest in peace, dear son,

Until we meet again." The National Post website provides generally worded verses that could fit the memorial of a father, son or husband.

The poem "My Son" by Lian Gell details the important role that memories play in the grieving process. The narrator of the poem looks to the sky, remembering her son and imagining his face in the clouds. She hopes that she will be able to see him again someday and pictures him learning to fly in the heavens.

The Colourful Coffins website provides memorial poems for children that include "Precious Son," a poem about the tragic loss of a child and the grieving of his parents. The poem is influenced by Christianity, comparing the death of Jesus Christ to the loss of another special son. The poem ends on a hopeful note with the parents looking forward to seeing their son again.