What Are Some Memorial Poems for a Son?


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The poem "In Memory of a Child" by Vachel Lindsay remembers a lost son with joyous optimism. The third stanza reads: "His path leads on and on, Through pleasant lawns and flowers, His brown eyes open wide, At grass more green than ours." The poem was originally published in 1912 with a fifth stanza that was not found in later publications. In a different style, "Bereavement" by William Lisle Bowles is another uplifting poem of mourning.

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Vachel Lindsay was an American poet who lived from 1879 to 1931. He was a reputable orator and performance poet. Topics of his work included current events of the time and American ideals. Lindsay was from Springfield, Illinois, where he was born in a house once inhabited by Abraham Lincoln's sister-in-law.

William Lisle Bowles, 1762 to 1850, was an English poet who did not achieve widespread success as a poet. He showed preference for sonnets, which proved most successful for him, but he also wrote long poems as well. He wrote several sonnets of mourning after the death of his fiancée in 1793. This was his second engagement, the first of which had been terminated by the lady's parents due to his future not appearing to hold enough promise.

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