What Are Some Memorable Scenes From the "Home Alone 3" Movie?

Most of the memorable scenes in "Home Alone 3" involve booby traps the main character Alex sets for the intruders, a group of international thieves. Alex drops a heavy barbell on two intruders, sets up a primitive electric fence that zaps another thief, sets up a boxing glove to punch one intruder in the groin, and tricks two of the thieves into jumping into a frozen pool.

The plot of "Home Alone 3" centers on a stolen microchip mistakenly hidden in Alex's toy remote-controlled car. Ironically, as the criminals attempt to get the microchip back for their employer, a group of North Korean terrorists, Alex knocks out two of the thieves by running them over with a remote-controlled car. At another point in the film, the only female thief, clad in white, falls face-first into a giant puddle of mud.

Beyond specific booby trap set-ups, there are some notable cast members who make memorable appearances throughout the film. In one of her earliest film roles, Scarlett Johansson plays Alex's older sister Molly, while comic actor Neil Flynn takes on the role of an investigating police officer. The two main animal characters are also important to the plot of this movie, as Alex's pet rat Doris and his brother's pet parrot help set off some of the movie's key booby traps.