What Are Some Memorable Remembrance Verses?


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Alfred, Lord Tennyson, is the author of what many consider the greatest of all poems of remembrance, "In Memoriam, A.H.H." This is the poem with oft-quoted phrase, "better to have loved and lost."

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Though it is not often considered a poem of remembrance, with the romantic line "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?" Shakespeare's "Sonnet 18" deals well with death and the yearning for immortality.

The poem "Because He Lived" by Edgar Guest offers comfort to those who dread passing into obscurity, showing how in little ways, a person makes a difference in the lives of those nearby. Likewise, Frederick R. Hosmer's "They Are Not Dead" speaks to the bond that binds some together and transcends even death.

In "Wise Men Say," Alan Pemberton encapsulates verse by verse the notions held in several world religions as to what comes after life, then closes encouraging the faithful to keep faith. As if to answer, however, James Russell Lowell writes in "After the Burial" of how faith is fine while life is long, but in the shadow of a bereavement, there is no comfort to be had, except perhaps in memory. And memory, he implies, is a blade without a hilt.

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