Who are some memorable Maury Povich guests?


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Alycia and Paul, Heather and Todd, and Valchas and his father are all memorable guests on "The Maury Povich Show," as of 2015. They are memorable for both their claims and their antics.

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Alycia and Paul appeared on the show as a couple because Alycia was worried that Paul was being tempted into cheating by her best friend, Dominique. Dominique is a talented chef, whose speciality, chicken tettrazini, had caught the interest of Paul, so Alycia was worried that Dominique was using her cooking to seduce Paul. The lie detector test proved that Paul was cheating on Alycia with Dominique.

Married couple Heather and Todd appeared on the show because Todd was constantly getting kidnapped, forcing him to be away from home for extended periods of time and causing Heather much distress. It was eventually revealed that Todd was simply cheating on Heather and had never been kidnapped, but the recap at the end of the segment revealed that the couple had reconciled and had a baby together.

Valchas appeared on the show with his father in an attempt to prove that Valchas was not the father of Jessica's child. Valchas and his father are particularly memorable due to their decisions to appear in drag.

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