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“Meet the Spartans” is a parody film about a group of Spartans defending their homeland from invading Persians. The Spartans encounter various enemies while fighting the Persians, such as Rocky Balboa and Ghost Rider. The film parodies a variety of films and pop culture stars, but mainly focuses on the movie “300.” The movie was directed by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, who have directed other parody films including “Scary Movie” and “Date Movie.”

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The film begins with a Spartan elder finding an abandoned baby named Leonidas. During his childhood, Leonidas is accepted as a Spartan and begins his training by fighting his grandmother and enduring torture. Leonidas is then sent to the wild where he survives harsh winter conditions and fights a penguin. Leonidas returns home as king and meets his future wife, Margo, during his inauguration. Years later, Leonidas is shown training his son when a Captain informs him a Persian messenger has arrived.

The messenger explains that he was sent by Persian King Xerxes, who demands for Sparta’s submission. Leonidas become angry and kicks the messenger into the pit of death. He then decides to go battle the Persians and finds only 13 men to join his army. During the mission, the Spartans battle several villains in comedic ways before facing King Xerxes.

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