How Do You Get Matinee Movie Tickets?

To purchase matinee movie tickets, visit the box office of your local movie theater or order tickets through an online service such as Fandango. To find out which show times qualify for matinee pricing, consult your local box office. Movie information websites such as Moviefone and theater chains such as Regal also offer online ticket sales.

Matinee movies are movie show times that start before a certain time of day, often at a discounted ticket price. Lower costs and smaller crowds make matinee movies a popular choice for many moviegoers. Because different theaters define matinee cut-off times differently, moviegoers should call or visit their preferred local theater to inquire about its matinee policies.

To save time or ensure they have seats, customers can purchase tickets through online vendors such as Fandango. Fandango also handles ticket sales through many theater chain websites. Moviegoers who attend matinee show times instead of evening showings to save money should review their orders and consult the terms of use of their ticket vendors of choice, as many vendors add a service charge to the ticket price. For example, as of October 2015, Fandango adds a convenience charge of $1.00 to $1.35 to each standard ticket and a convenience charge of $2.00 to special-event and IMAX tickets.