What Are Martha McCallum's Views on Divorce?

What Are Martha McCallum's Views on Divorce?

Martha McCallum's views on divorce have not been publicized. McCallum is a Catholic, but there is no publicized indication on whether or not she shares her church's stance on divorce. As of 2015. McCallum has been married to her husband Daniel Gregory since 1992, and the couple has three children.

If McCallum shares the Catholic Church's views on divorce, she believes it is not ideal but should be permissible in extreme situations.

The Catholic Church believes divorce is immoral because it breaks the bonds of marriage and enters disorder into the family. In spite of that stance, the church still allows divorced people to receive church sacraments. If a divorced person gets remarried, however, he cannot receive the sacraments, including holy communion, and his new marriage is not recognized by the church.

However, church law recognizes that divorce is sometimes necessary, and in some cases, the church may annul a marriage. To declare a marriage annulled, a canon lawyer or a member of the clergy must determine that someone's health or safety was at risk during the marriage.

Abuse can be used as a justification for annulment. A marriage may also be annulled because something went wrong on the day the vows were exchanged or because someone was coerced into the marriage.