How Many Wives Did Michael Landon Have?

Michael Landon had three wives. They were Dodie Levy-Fraser, Marjorie Lynn Noe and Cindy Landon. He had eight children between the three women, he was married to Cindy Landon when he died in 1991.

Landon married Dodie Levy-Frazer in 1956, they had two children and divorced in 1962. Landon met his second wife, Marjorie Lynn Noe, in 1959 while filming "Bonanza". Their marriage ended in a bitter divorce in 1982, they had 4 children together. Noe did not attend his funeral. He met his last wife Cindy Landon, a make-up artist, in 1981 and married her a couple of years later, they were married until his death in 1991.