How Many Versions of Hallmark Recordable Books Are Available for Purchase?


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In the United States of America as of August 2015, Hallmark has 13 recordable books available in the English language. These books are available for purchase online from Hallmark.com or in stores.

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Hallmark introduced recordable storybooks so parents and grandparents could feel more connected to their loved ones. Using a recordable book, a child can hear their parent's or grandparent's voice any time they choose. To record their voice in the book, the reader simply turns to the page in the book they wish to read, presses the "record" button, and reads the page aloud. Once each page has been recorded, the reader then flips a switch found inside the battery compartment to the "lock" position. The digital memory is then permanent. If a reader chooses to rerecord a page, they must first flip the switch back to the "unlock" position.

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