How Many Times Has Dr. Phil McGraw Been Married?

Dr. Phil McGraw has been married twice and divorced once. He married his first wife, Debbie, in 1970 and married his second wife, Robin, in 1976.

Phil married his first wife, Debbie Higgins McCall, on November 27th, 1970. The couple divorced in 1973.

Phil married his second wife, Robin McGraw, on August 14th, 1976. As of 2015, the couple is still married. They have two children named Jay and Jordan. Dr. Phil's son Jay is married to a woman named Erica. Jay and Erica have two children, London and Avery. London, Dr. Phil's grandson, was born in August of 2011, and Avery, Dr. Phil's granddaughter, was born in March of 2010.